Polycom Soundstation

They're ubiquitous: visit almost any business conference room in America, and the chances that you'll find a Polycom Soundstation (or sometimes a Voicestation) conference speakerphone are very high. The uniquely dark and triangular phones are so commonplace that even if you didn't know what it was called, you can probably imagine one just from the words 'dark and triangular phones'.

The Polycom Soundstation is so dominant simply because it combines powerful technology with a very easy to use control set. From virtually anywhere in the world, any number of individuals or groups using Polycom Soundstation phones can easily synch into a video conferencing session and join in with the touch of a few buttons. The result is a cost-effective and very efficient method of communication that completely obliterates much of the travel budget of a typical business, as meetings no longer need to be face to face in order to be easy to organize and crystal clear.

The Polycom Soundstation 2W 2.4 GHz Wireless Conference Phone
That's a mighty long title for something that's basically a glorified speakerphone, isn't it? Not really, because Polycom Soundstation is so much more than that. Coming in at more than $600 apiece, the Polycom Soundstation 2W is more than worthwhile. The conference phone is cordless, so you can move it easily, never have to worry about cables coming loose or being tripped over. More importantly, you don't need a phone outlet in the room you're conferencing in, meaning that the meeting can take place in the most effective location available.

The voice quality of the Polycom Soundstation product line has won multiple awards, and the 2W is no exception. The proven 2.4 GHz wireless technology even allows for solid voice encryption to prevent anyone from listening in, and the 2W has a battery that will support a straight 24 hours of continuous talk time without need a recharge. The 2W was the first phone to ever combine the convenient portability of a cell phone with the legendary Polycom Soundstation voice quality.

Polycom VoiceStation 500 Bluetooth Conference Phone
For half the price of the more advanced Polycom Soundstation 2W just discussed, the VoiceStation 500 is another excellent 'telepresence solution'. The bluetooth conference phone provides a powerful speaker that projects incoming voices, but combines it with three sensitive bluetooth microphones that allow talkers to speak at quiet, conversational tones rather than the slightly exaggerated volumes typically associated with a conference call. At the same time, this unit will also let you roam within a seven-foot radius of the base — and it keeps your hands free at the same time. The advantages should be evident to anyone who has been spoken over on a traditional conference call.

The Polycom Soundstation and Voicestation are just two of the excellent Polycom products that TRI-STAR Telecommunications is proud to offer our customers. When you order your Polycom Soundstation from TRI-STAR, you also receive our industry leading customer support and the lowest prices available. We also offer same day shipping and access to a network of certified technicians that can install and maintain your system.

For more information about the full line of Polycom business solutions we offer, contact us or call us at (800) 211-6200.









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