Octel Voicemail

Octel voicemail systems are industry-leading machines designed to work with your existing PBX or mini-PBX (that's Private Branch Exchange) as an integral part of your overall business phone solution. Octel voicemail systems include all of the features you've come to expect from voicemail messaging — multiple mailbox number extensions capable of recording messages from multiple incoming calls simultaneously and allowing multiple users to retrieve, save, forward, or manipulate messages simultaneously as well. However, they are more than that. Modern Octel voicemail systems also include a telephone answering service called an IVR — that's Interactive Voice Response — module.

IVR is an ideal option for businesses of almost any size. By adding professionally-scripted greeting options to your business phone system, and allowing callers to navigate menus with either button-presses or by simply speaking to the machine, you make navigating the phone system much more natural. You also make your business seem much more professional.

When a customer calls your office, they'll be answered by an automated message (which can be any of multiple messages depending on the time of day, the location they're calling from, or any of a number of other variables you can set.) They will then navigate through a short series of menus in order to have their call directed to the appropriate person or mailbox extension.

Every time a phone call isn't answered, your company loses business. An Octel voice mail message system will end that danger instantly and forever. Moreover, you conserve your workers' time and improve efficiency as not every caller immediately distracts a worker from whatever task they are working on. The Octel voicemail inboxes will be there whenever they finish their current task, and they can return the incoming call as their work flow allows.

Companies that purchase and utilize an Octel voicemail system gain several benefits surrounding the specific features and capabilities of the system, but more importantly they also gain in professionalism. With corporate-level features such as find-me-follow-me call forwarding, IRV auto attendant, call conferencing, dial-by-name, and more, a caller who finds themselves talking to an Octel voicemail unit is certain to come away with a good impression of your business.

Whether you're the head of a small business that's looking to present a professional image to your clientele or a CEO whose goal is to improve work flow efficiency and cut costs, there are few tools as flexible and powerful as an Octel voicemail system. At TRI-STAR Telecommunications, our expert staff will be happy to help you find the perfect Octel voicemail unit for your needs.

All you need to do is get in touch with us today at (800) 211-6200, and our staff will be happy to discuss the size, nature, and future plans of your business with you. We are confident that we will be able to help you find the voicemail solution that's right for you.









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