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It wasn't too long ago that business telephone systems were, at their most complex, basically an operator-managed switchboard just like a public telephone network. A rotary phone or later a touch-bad phone had the ability to hold calls, forward them, and that was about it. Those days are long gone, and modern business telephone solutions are both immensely complex and almost infinitely variable. That's why the friendly staff at TRI-STAR Telecommunications is there to consult with business owners of all sizes and help them decide which telephone systems are best for them.

Today, your business phone equipment might come in the form of a server-like box that wires directly into your incoming phone lines, offering hundreds of ports that can connect to hundreds of incoming calls. The box can automatically answer every one of those lines at the same time, presenting every caller with a natural-sounding voice that offers up a menu of options, allowing the box to automatically direct every call to exactly the right person. It can put complaints into a queue to be answered as your service reps become available, offer up an automated knowledge base that can answer most questions without even needing to bother a live person, and of course it offers powerful voicemail options to every member of your staff simultaneously if need be.

For small business, it might that be that your telephone systems don't need to be that powerful, but flexibility and reduced costs are what you're looking for. In that case, your phone system might come in the form of a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that allows you to turn your online connection into a phone line at a moment's notice. VoIP systems tend to be less powerful than the box units mentioned above, but they still offer access to the basics like voicemail and call forwarding to any landline or cell phone. Most importantly, VoIP doesn't carry any cost per call. This allows you to connect with the office for free from any place in the world that has an internet connection.

Whether you choose telephone systems of large corporations or small business, you have the option of taking your new phone package far beyond the scope of voice-to-voice communications. With Unified Communications technology like the Esnatech system offered by TRI-STAR, your business computers can act as a coordinator between your phones, fax machines, Blackberries and/or iPads, and other hardware. With Esnatech, you can have access to faxes read by OCR-to-voice programs, phone calls recorded onto emails and sent to your entire staff, and every member of every team provided with 'presence tech' that enables them to participate in conversations easily from afar—and enables you to know where they are and what they're up to on a moment-by-moment basis.

Telephone systems are so much more today than they were even a decade ago, and it pays to have specially trained experts on your side to help you decide the best products for your business. With TRI-STAR Telecom, you receive all that and more. Not only will you get industry leading customer support, you will also receive the lowest prices available-up to 50% off the product manufacturer's price. We can ship your order the same day and give you access to an international network of certified telecommunications equipment installers and repairers, who will give you the unmatched technical support you need.

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