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TRI-STAR Telecommunications has spent quite some time developing our relationship with some of the top players in the telecom industry; one of those that we have are happy to partner with is Polycom. With Polycom's technology and product support, TRI-STAR has been able to offer our customer a wide variety of highly specific telecommunications solutions. One of the most exciting from a business perspective is the powerful teleconferencing equipment Polycom provides.

Polycom is dedicated to a powerful concept called 'telepresence solutions' — essentially technology and services that offer the ability to come as close to being there as you can be from your office. Starting with advanced audio teleconferencing systems and moving all the way up to full-multiplex polylocational realtime video conferencing with simultaneous file-sharing capability, Polycom is on the cutting edge the telecom industry.

Polycom's web conferencing solutions assist organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity to improve intra- and inter-business communications as well as their ability to connect effectively with their clientele. With a Polycom telecom solutions systems in play, meetings can be organized and carried out more efficiently, productivity can be improved, and mis-communications reduced to a minimum. Security is improved and data loss is reduced as well.

Polycom conferencing telephones and other hardware are among the best in the industry, and they also offer IP compatible products at remarkably competitive prices. Their video conferencing hardware offers higher resolution, more secure feeds, and better quality connections than their competitors. Polycom systems are also remarkably flexible and able to expand and grow with a business as its needs and abilities change.

Because Polycom's hardware makes even intercontinental communication quick, clear, and accurate, even today's gazelle entrepreneurs can gather resources worldwide and organize them efficiently, knowing that their conferencing ability will always be available and top-notch. There is little need for physical travel overseas when a meeting can be attended, documents transferred, and messages communicated flawlessly through the Internet via the Polycom open collaboration network. Suffice it to say, the money that can be saved by that single change in a business' structure is substantial.

There is little quite like being able to stand in a room, watching a large flatscreen television display a group of people that you know to be in Paris or Tokyo, and knowing that they can see and hear you in real-time (or so close as to be indistinguishable by the human brain). There is a certain level of simple human communication that happens when you can see the other party's facial expressions, posture, and positioning that you cannot get over any other medium — and that's that makes a conferencing solution from Polycom noteworthy for any business.

At TRI-STAR Telecommunications, we have the expertise and the relationship with Polycom necessary to meet any of your conferencing needs. We also offer industry leading customer support, the lowest prices on the market, and one-day shipping. We give our customers access to an international network of certified technicians that can install youPolycom Soundstation hardware and provide routine maintenance and repairs.

To find out more about the many outstanding telecom solutions from Polycom click or call us at (800) 211-6200.









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