Octel Serenade

Octel Serenade is the software suite that forms the powerful backbone of the Octel 200 and the Octel 300 telephone systems. The Octel Serenade software provides a massive suite of telecommunications tools, which is precisely why we at TRI-STAR Telecommunications strongly promote the Octel 200 and 300 for those clients who have a need for the features they offer. All of the basic tools — voice messaging, fax messaging, and call processing — are complemented by the power of Octel Designer Applications, which allow users to request from a large library of — or create custom-made — telephony solutions.

Octel Serenade's Designer Applications library includes a variety of advanced prepackaged applications that leverage your investment in Octel unified messaging systems, including:

  • Integrated Call Center
  • Mobility
  • Integrated Web
  • Information Access and Delivery
  • Integrated Work flow Solutions
  • Comprehensive training, support, and consulting

Fax Messaging
Octel Serenade offers a powerful ability to allow fax messages to be sent and received as easily as voicemail can. From anywhere in the world, your employees will be able to send, receive, and process fax documents 24 hours a day. They'll have the ability to print faxes to any facsimile machine in your business over a secure connection for controlled delivery. They can attach a voicemail to a fax and redirect it to another recipient. With one of Octel Serenade's Designer Applications, they'll even be able to blast external faxes out to a long list of recipients at once. Octel Serenade is a comprehensive fax messaging solution.

Caller Care
Octel Serenade software was built around the notion of creating the best possible caller experience, managing every call with precision and care. There is never a chance of creating an inescapable voicemail loop, because the callers may exit to an operator at anytime via voice or keystroke. A caller pursuing a specific individual will learn quickly whether they are away from their desk, on the phone, or on extended leave, as each user records multiple messages when they setup their inbox and can switch between them in seconds. If you desire, you can set up Octel Serenade to automatically transfer a call to the next-most-relevant person in order to prevent it from going to voicemail — and the new recipient is quietly notified of the call's intended receiver.

Unified Communications
One of the most powerful aspects of Octel Serenade software is the long list of other hard- and soft-ware that it can integrate easily with to provide increased functionality. The Visual Messenger component, for example, enables each user to see their voicemail and fax mailboxes on their computer, view and send faxes from their desktop, archive voicemail on their hard drive, and place a call by clicking on a phone number online.

In short, the Octel Serenade software that powers the Octel 200 and Octel 300 is an incredible platform that can tackle almost any business' telecommunications needs, and TRI-STAR Telecommunications can help you set up your Serenade-based system quickly and cost-effectively.

If you purchase your Octel product from TRI-STAR, we not only provide industry leading customer support services, but we also have the lowest prices on the market-up to 50% off the manufacturer's list price, and a full warranty. If you need help with set-up, we offer access to an international network of certified technicians, who can set up your software and provide you the top quality technical support you need. Call us today at (800) 211-6200 and find out how the Octel Serenade software can enhance your business!









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