Octel 200

Octel 200 Message Server

The Octel 200 Message Server voice mail system represents a huge benefit to your business. With the Octel 200 system it's a snap to deliver your important business caller's recorded audio message to its destination. The flexibility of such a system allows people in your organization to manage calls and retrieve messages on their PC's, PDA's, smart phones, tablets and more. Other options makes it possible to convert these messages to text messages further enhancing the value of the system

The Octel 200 Message Server utilizing the Serenade software allows users within your organization the benefits of access to voice and fax messages with Octel Visual Messenger™. And with Serenade's distinctive Caller Care feature you can rest assured that your clients are getting the utmost in voicemail service giving your company the technological edge as well as a reputation for superior customer service.

Another great feature of the Octel 200 system is the capability to process messaging in over 40 countries providing a multi-national organization with a superior messaging service. No other vendor offers such complete control, flexibility or options. Further, the Octel 200 Voicemail system easily expands to match the needs of a growing company.

Voice Messaging, Fax Messaging and Call Processing
The Octel 200 system does it all. From advanced prepackaged and custom-designed messaging to computer telephony applications. There is no task the Octel 200 voice mail system cannot handle. This all goes to increased employee productivity and results in stellar customer service.

Some advanced features include:

  • Integrated call center
  • Ease of mobility
  • Integrated Web access
  • Variable information access and delivery
  • Integrated workflow applications

The Octel 200 system serves your current business needs while allowing for growth determined by future business requirements. And TriStar Telecommunications is your service portal for Octel products. With over 15 years of experience supporting San Diego area businesses with first rate service you can rest assured that your Octel system will be cared for and managed with the best tech staff there is.

Superior Caller Service
More than other other reason to invest in the Octel 200, there is the benefit to your clients and customers. Never will they be stuck in "voice mail limbo" because they can exit for operator assist at any time. Callers will know immediately if the party they are trying to reach is busy with a call, away from their desk or unavailable and can be transferred to another person for immediate assistance. The "smart system" knows if the transferred to person is busy as well and knows to send the caller to the original person's voicemail box for later retrieval. The system ensures that your customers are given the utmost in care with each and every call.








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