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It was only recently that the iPhone joined the long list of IP phones — that is, phones that allow Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, service. AT&T and Apple recently made a landmark decision to turn the Iphone into a VoIP Phone by allowing their 3G network to host voice over IP calls, enabling you to combine your business-based VoIP service to make free calls from anywhere the iPhone gets reception.

At TRI-STAR Telecommunications, we view this as another in a long list of strong moves toward a more open and flexible telecommunications sphere. And while we are very excited about this change, we are already moving to address a few of the minor drawbacks to the iPhone/VoIP situations.

Specifically, at the moment, you can tie a single iPhone to a single IP phone account, but if you have multiple lines — whether it's a landline and an iPhone, or a family plan with multiple iPhones, or a combination of the two — your other lines will be left out. To address this, at TRI-STAR, we're offering an inexpensive service for small businesses. With the Communications Manager from Avaya installed at your place of business, you can add as many IP phone accounts as you desire, and thus enable all of your iPhones with VoIP — as well as all of your landline telephones.

The Communications Manager is an IP phone/PBX (Private Branch Exchange) crossover, providing most of the classic features of a powerful business-class PBX — call forwarding, unified messaging, Find Me/Follow Me, and teleconferencing capabilities among others — with all of the flexibility, low expense, and management capability of a complete VoIP network.

Essentially, with the Avaya Communications Manager, when you connect a new phone to the system — be it an iPhone or a landline — you set it up as an extension. The extension is given a description in the system, such as "Sales" or "CFO". Each individual's iPhone can then be given the same description with a modifier, such as "Sales — Mobile" or "CFO Away". Then, you purchase the SIP application from the Apple Store, and once it's been installed on all of the relevant iPhones, you can set up a generic SIP account that will register the iPhone with the Communications Manager and allow it to make and receive VoIP calls using your on personal IP phone server.

TRI-STAR Communications has examined all of the many SIP applications available on the Apple Store, and we have concluded after a significant amount of study that the Acrobits Softphone is the SIP app of choice. It's easy to install, fast to set up, and has a top-tier user interface — and importantly, it has 'push' technology, so you don't need to have the SIP app running in order to receive IP phone calls.

For more information about the Avaya Communications Manager and other advanced solutions for your IP phones, give us a call at (800) 211-6200.









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