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Business Voice Mail System

It used to be that when the phone rang, you answered it, and that was that. But today, the advent of powerful business voicemail systems has completely altered that pattern. Businesses that used to have to rely on live telephone answering services can skip out on that long-term expense by purchasing and utilizing a business voice mail system with IVR—or Interactive Voice Response —from a reliable telecom company like TRI-STAR Telecommunications.

Voice Mail Messaging is the option for the modern office. Compared to having someone on staff to answer the phone during business hours—or outsourcing your every phone call to a call center somewhere overseas—a business voicemail system might be a slightly greater upfront investment, but it will pay for itself rapidly. Voicemail is flexible in the ways that recipients can manipulate the messages they receive, but more importantly the power of IVR to conserve resources and simplify work flow cannot be overstated.

What that means is simple: when a client calls your office phone number and you don't have a business voice mail system, someone has to stop whatever they're doing to take care of the caller on the phone. Then, they have to record the message, walk it to whoever needs to receive it (or leave it in their mailbox), then return to their post and resume their work. If this happens a few times every hour, you can lose half a day's productive work to just managing phone calls.

If you DO have a small business voicemail system, the only people who get interrupted are the people who actually need to receive that call at that time—and even then, they have the option of letting the call go to auto attendants and voicemail.

Put in a different context—if you decided to forego a business voice mail system in favor of a call center or a group of dedicated phone support staff, you will consistently get more complaints from customers. That's because many customers are willing to call and spend several minutes griping to a live answer—but just as many will simply cope rather than explain their problems at length to a voicemail box. By utilizing the power of modern business voice mail technology, you essentially 'filter out' a significant chunk of customer complaints that aren't actually all that important to your customers.

Similarly, a live answer in the form of a call center actually has a less professional image in most customers' minds than a well-crafted IVR system. People know how call centers work, and they can tell when their greeting is being read off of a script by someone overseas. By contrast, putting together a pleasant and comprehensive set of interactive voice response menus on your business voice mail gives a glossy, corporate appearance even if your business is just getting off the ground.

At TRI-STAR Telecommunications, we carry a full line of top quality new and refurbished business voice mail systems. We offer unmatched customer support and the lowest prices in the industry. We can also ship your product the same day and give you access to an international network of certified telecom technicians that can install, maintain and repair your voicemail system. Contact us today at (800) 211-6200 and find out how we can help your business!









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