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Business Phones from TRI-STAR As the economic environment becomes more cutthroat with each passing day, every aspect of modern business comes under the microscope—even business telephone systems are under intense scrutiny as everyone from major corporations to startup entrepreneurs searches for that perfect, low-cost telecom solution. Whether you're a CEO, a small business owner, or a "solopreneur" just getting off the ground, being able to connect is the lifeblood of the business world.

No one wants to call up a business and get a busy signal, or worse, endless ringing. But today's consumers want even more—they don't want to wait for a human operator to pick up, stumble through a script, and then try to figure out whether to switch the call to the sales or service department. Modern business phone lines like the ones offered by TRI-STAR Telecommunications address the needs and comfort zones of today's consumers.

Consistency Of Presence
There is a lot to be said for brand consistency, and that extends just as much to the greeting your customers get when they call your office to place an order as it does to your advertising department. With a business phone system like an Octel Voicemail setup, you guarantee that every caller receives the same greeting, is offered the same choices in the same voice, and isn't ever subject to the dreaded busy signal.

Internal Communication
The same Octel business telephone equipment will give every member of your company access to their own voicemail box from anywhere, and with a host of other powerful features. But that's still just the tip of the iceberg. They will also be able to conference call from any phone by dialing into the network and logging into the conference call, even if it's from their cell phone as they're driving to the latest product expo.

Furthermore, with a little bit of special in-house hardware, people in your building (or even from an outside location with specific equipment) will be able to join a video conference, enabling them to share everything from prototypes to facial expressions without having to by physically present. With the advent of Unified Communications (UC) software like the Esnatech offered by TRI-STAR, even a basic personal electronics device like an iPad can be used to join a video conference.

The best part about all of this is that you don't even have to have an expert 'phone guy' on site. TRI-STAR will give you access to an international network of experienced techs to install, set up, and get your new business phone system started operating—and of course they'll provide ongoing technical support to maintain, repair and upgrade the system when needed.

Business phone systems can actually reduce your communications costs over time. They make your business life much easier to manage, resolving some problems before they require the time and energy of a worker, and organizing and directing calls that deserve 'liveware' time much more effectively. Call us today at (800) 211-6200 and talk with one of our representatives about how your business can benefit from a business phone system.









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