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TRI-STAR Telecommunications is an industry leader when it comes to offering Avaya product support services for businesses of all sizes. Avaya provides a wide variety of products, from the juggernaut known as the Definity Private Branch Exchange to nimble and low-cost small business solutions like Avaya IP Office. The one thing that all of their products have in common is that business owners can use Avaya global support for any technical issue they may be having from installation to troubleshooting to maintenance.

TRI-STAR Telecommunications has experts with several decades of combined Avaya support experience as well as a profound understanding of how business needs change over time, and we will help you determine which of Avaya's products are best for your business. Often times, however, the process of giving proper Avaya support comes not just from giving help selecting the products, but also includes training our clients on the features of those products they want to take advantage of and helping them set the products up appropriately.

For example, the Definity PBX offers one of the largest feature sets of any modern PBX system, with over 700 features available, most of which are standard with every Definity that gets installed — but even the largest businesses generally only take full advantage of half of those. Without Avaya support from the experts at TRI-STAR, a corporation could potentially waste a huge amount of time performing detailed setup and even adding optional features that they will never really put to use. Simplification is the name of the game.

On the other hand, when a smaller business decides to go VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocal) in order to keep costs down, they often come to TRI-STAR Telecom for their Avaya support because our experts can advise them on how to increase the complexity of the basic Avaya IP Office system to meet their needs. The basic IP Office is complete, but with a few optional upgrades & configurations and the right hardware, our Avaya support team can take the system from complete to fully customized in a single afternoon.

When it comes to the true depths of the modern communications revolution — the Unified Communications architecture offered by Avaya in the form of the almighty Communications Manager — the depth of knowledge of TRI-STAR's Avaya support team can be leveraged to allow integration of this revolutionary system seamlessly into your business operations. Communications Manager offers an incredibly powerful array of unique tools that allow a business to bring all of their various lines of communication together into a single network, offering a combined inbox for all voice, email, fax, and text messages. Without Avaya support, Communications Manager is powerful — but with the right additional bits and pieces, our Avaya support staff can integrate literally every piece of communications technology in your business, from individuals' cell phones to fax machines to the office copier, into your convergent network.

Call (800) 211-6200 for Avaya support from TRI-STAR Telecommunications — it's how business communications get done right!









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