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When you talk about ways to keep in touch in the modern business world, you cannot help but talk about the Avaya phone, telephony, and voicemail systems — systems so complex that without the right Avaya phone user manual and often some external support, you may not be able to take full advantage of them. As the world gets relatively smaller with increases in communications and breakdown of global trade barriers with each passing year, TRI-STAR Telecommunications — a certified Avaya phone manual vendor — sees the need for advanced telecom applications to expand into every aspect of the business world.

Today, the majority of small business calls take place using a Voice over Internet Protocol — or VoIP — telephone system. That means that office telephones across the nation must be equipped to handle VoIP technology, and Avaya phone systems are the perfect solution for IP office telephony. Avaya phone systems come in a wide variety, meaning that there will almost certainly be one that meets the needs of your business operations. However, access to an Avaya phone manual is also very important.

The first Avaya phone you should order for bulk purchase (to normalize office equipment and thus increase interoperability) is the 1616 Digital Handset, the most popular Avaya phone product for use with VoIP networks. The 1616 is compatible with Avaya's most commonplace platforms, IP Office and Communication Manager. It offers two-way speakers that give crisp, clear sound in full duplex for easy communication. Rounding it's offering off with multiple call support, the 1616's features are mostly intuitive — but an Avaya phone manual to guide you is through the setup is still strongly suggested.

If you know that your office is going to be running a VoIP network, you may also want to examine the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, or DECT, 3701 handset phone. The 3701 boasts impressive features that make handling some of the quirks of VoIP much easier. Also, the instructions provided in the Avaya phone manual make it very user friendly.

For small business owners that have committed to VoIP but still need strong teleconferencing ability, the 2033 IP Conference Avaya Phone is possibly the single most popular small business conference phone (and thus one of the most often-requested Avaya phone manuals) available through TRI-STAR today.

Many business owners seem to think that the only important aspect of their phone system is the core — PBX, VoIP, a crossover system, or something else entirely. But the the right Avaya phone with the right Avaya phone manual will have as much of an impact on your everyday work flow as the core system will — and that's why the staff here at TRI-STAR Telecommunications are always working to make sure you have the proper phone equipment and instructions to make your business communication run more smoothly.

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