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When you talk about ways to keep in touch in the modern business world, you cannot help but talk about the Avaya business phone solutions — like the Avaya IP phones and other telephony and voicemail products. As the world gets smaller and companies continue to enter new global markets all the time, Avaya's business telephone handsets and other offerings continue to be on the cutting edge of the telecom industry.

Today, the vast majority of small business communications take place via Voice over Internet Protocol — or VoIP — systems. That means that business operations across the nation must be equipped to handle VoIP technology, and Avaya phone systems are the perfect solution for IP office telephony. Avaya telephones and other communications applications come in a wide variety, so they are likely to have a telecom solution that addresses the needs of your business.

One of the best quality Avaya business phones to consider is the 1616 Digital Handset, the most popular Avaya phone for use with VoIP networks. The 1616 is compatible with Avaya's most commonplace platforms, IP Office and Communication Manager. It offers two-way speakers that give crisp, clear sound in full duplex for easy communication. Rounding it's offering off with multiple call support, the 1616 Avaya phone is the ideal solution for a variety of business environments while also remaining a rare level of cost effectiveness.

If you know that your office is going to be running a VoIP network, you may also want to consider the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, or DECT, 3701 Avaya handset phone. The 3701 delivers impressive features that make dealing with some of the quirks of VoIP much easier. For example, the DECT is cordless as you may have guessed from the name, but unlike many cordless phones, it can be used all day without charging, as it offers up to twenty straight hours of continuous talk time on a single charge. Even in a busy call center environment, the DECT 3701 is an ideal choice.

For small business owners that have committed to VoIP but still need strong teleconferencing ability, the 2033 IP Conference Avaya Phone is possibly the single most popular small business conference phone available through Avaya today. The 2033 is an extremely cost effective, VoIP-enabled, 360-degree coverage conference phone that is ideal for large offices or small conference rooms. The integrated Power over Ethernet feature simplifies wiring, as the phone needs only an Ethernet connection to be fully functional, and continuous firmware updates are available through the same connection.

Many business owners seem to think that the only important aspect of their phone system is the core — PBX, VoIP, a crossover system, or something else entirely. But the fact is that the right Avaya phone equipment will have as much of an impact on your everyday work flow as the core system will.

When you order your Avaya phones from TRI-STAR Telecommunications, you will gain receive our industry leading customer support, there with you every step of the way to help you get your Avaya products running smoothly and increasing your business productivity. With TRI-STAR, you also receive the lowest available prices, full warranties, same day shipping, and access to an international network of certified technicians that can provide installation, maintenance and repairs on your new equipment.

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