Avaya IP Phones

Avaya IP phones from TRI-STAR Telecommunications are suited for use with any of the various Avaya IP telephony systems, from IP Office to Communications Manager and beyond. Avaya IP phones have all of the features that users of Avaya's business phones have come to expect, meaning there are little to no retraining costs involved in switching from a traditional business communications setup to a VoIP phone system. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions provide tremendous savings in both time and money, and Avaya IP phones can be used intuitively by everyone from the receptionist to a mobile worker using telephones even from an Internet connection on another continent.

Avaya's three major series of IP phones, the 4620, the 5600, and the 9600, each offer a variety of models with slight variances of features and applications between them. The design of each is all stylish, easy to operate, and ready to use with a VoIP-enabled office phone system.

4620 series
The 4620 series of Avaya IP phones incorporates a built-in headset jack, a message-waiting indicator, programmable feature keys, fixed keys for hold, transfer, drop, redial, mute, conference, volume, and headset/handset. They also offer an infrared port, a unique speed dial interface, personalized ring tones, and even a web browser with a large grayscale display. Moreover, an integrated VPN (virtual private network) client enables the phones to have automatic access into your office VoIP network from any internet connection in the world, making remote work very easy.

5600 series
The 5600 series of Avaya IP phones offer profound software features and high quality audio. The most secure Avaya IP phones, the 5600 series has sophisticated encryption and protection from DOS (denial of service) attacks while still keeping a user-friendly interface that makes the 5600s very easy to operate. Some come with noise-canceling microphones that allow their use even in busy office environments. Depending on the specific phone, these Avaya IP Phones might also offer browser-based desktop applications such as directory calling and call logging, or VPN software that can create a VPN without the need of a special phone (like the 4620) at the remote location.

9600 series
This series of powerful Avaya IP phones is fully featured, offering maximized ability to customize and top quality performance. They offer increased call control and call management capabilities that rival some of the features of a mini-PBX; an amazing accomplishment on an individual phone. The 9600 series requires a significant effort to set up — including both technical ability and a profound understanding of the work flow around the worker it's being set up for.

Whatever series of Avaya IP phones you decide on, our trained experts at TRI-STAR Telecommunications will be there to walk you through every step to make sure your new equipment is fully functional and smoothly integrated into your business operations.

In addition to industry leading customer support, when you order from TRI-STAR, you receive the lowest prices available, full warranties, same day shipping, and access to an international network of certified technicians that provide product installation, maintenance and repair services.

To learn more about how Avaya IP phones can help your business, give us a call at (800) 211-6200.









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