Avaya 4620

Unlike any phone you've ever seen before, the Avaya 4620 offered by TRI-STAR Telecommunications has a unique ability to utilize two different application programming interfaces (APIs) — Web and Push — to allow anyone with the proper knowledge to add functionality to what is otherwise 'merely' a relatively top-tier business phone system. The Avaya 4620 IP phone can be programmed in HTTP or in Wireless Markup Language (WML).

The purpose of the programmability is to take advantage of another unique feature in the Avaya 4620 — an integrated micro Web browser that allows end users to access WML pages such as the ones you would see on a mobile web device, though only in grayscale appearance. As an example, one clever hotel using Avaya 4620 phones built a WML page that displayed the local restaurants and included buttons on the page that caused the phone to call that restaurant, eliminating the need for constant phone book referencing and the chance of an embarrassing misdial in one fell swoop.

The Push API can be used to create an application that 'pushes' information to the displays of other Avaya 4620s or other display-enabled IP phones. The push can be as simple as a text message to another specific phone, or the broadcast of an entire WML application to every IP phone on the network.

The most impressive part of this whole thing is that there are no proprietary technologies or special servers required to use the Avaya 4620's APIs. All you need is the coding skill to use HTTP or WML and you're good to go. From an end-user's perspective, what this means is that there are already an incredible amount of applications out there, ready to be uploaded onto your Avaya 4620 and then pushed out to the rest of your network for use!

The Avaya 4620 can take advantage of these apps due to the clever placement of a dozen feature buttons alongside it's grayscale display — buttons that have no fixed function, but are rather assigned functions (and labels) by whatever application the phone is currently running. The display is capable of showing text and even bitmap (WBMP) files, providing a great amount of flexibility of purpose in designing the apps the Avaya 4620 can run.

With the Push and Web Application Programming Interfaces and the open standards protocols that the Avaya 4620 includes, developers can move beyond mere IP telephony applications and use the Avaya 4620 to create an application-enabled unit custom crafted for the needs of each worker. There has never been such flexibility and power inherent in what would otherwise be a fairly ordinary telephone.

TRI-STAR Telecommunications is glad to offer the Avaya 4620, one of the most popular offerings in the Avaya business phone family. If you order from TRI-STAR, you also receive our industry leading customer support and assistance in finding — or creating — the perfect Push or Web app for your business needs. We also offer the lowest prices, full warranties, and same day shipping on your Avaya product. To learn more about how the Avaya 4620 can help your business, call us at (800) 211-6200.









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