VoIP Phone System

There's no secret that entrepreneurs and small businesses are continually looking for ways to save money and manage their operations more efficiently. On the leading edge of phone systems for small business is a VoIP phone system from TRI-STAR Telecommunications. The costs and features of a VoIP — that's Voice over Internet Protocol — system are a great match for a small startup company's budget and the way that most small businesses are run.

A VoIP system means freedom — most modern businesses use internet connections that are online 24/7/365, and with VoIP, anytime you're online, you have a telephone. Modern voice-over-internet systems offer almost every kind of feature that would normally be available on regular phone lines, including call forwarding, conference calling, caller ID, voicemail, and much more.

Call forwarding in particular has value for an entrepreneur who frequently spends days at a time out of the office, negotiating contracts and or meeting with prospective clients. A solid VoIP phone setup will allow them to pre-program their call forwarding for certain hours, days, and even specific dates, so there's no worries that calls will accidentally go to the office voicemail instead of getting correctly forwarded to their cell phone. That's the kind of design, flexibility and power that means everything to a dynamic entrepreneur that can't afford to be chained to his desk.

VoIP means reduced costs. Internet phone systems are a relatively inexpensive way to get all of the important functionalities of a major corporate phone system without all of the cost. A voice over internet protocol system requires a moderate initial investment that will often be made up within the first few months of operation by virtually eliminating the costs of a traditional business phone line.

VoIP is also uniquely suited to the growth needs of a startup business. Internet phone systems are comprised of a smaller hardware device that can be added to and switched out in a variety of ways according to the needs of the business. With a Voice over Internet phone service, a small business can have employees working outside the office — from home, from the opposite coast, or even overseas — and still easily connect with and talk to the main office from anywhere they can find an internet connection. A VoIP phone can turn any internet connection into an extension of your businesses phone network.

In short, it doesn't matter if you're at the head of the next big tech-oriented gazelle firm or you've just got a really solid idea on how to turn old shoes into new money — if you're an entrepreneur in modern America, a VoIP phone system from TRI-STAR Telecommunications may be the ideal solution for you.

When you order a VoIP system from TRI-STAR, you can receive up to 50% off the product manufacturer's price. Not only will you get the best cost savings, we will also provide you with industry leading customer service, an extended warranty, same day shipping, and access to an international network of certified telecom equipment installers and repairers, who can install your IP phone system and provide you the top quality technical support you need.

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