Used Telephone Systems

Used phone equipment forms the backbone of many small business' telephony these days, and why shouldn't they? Without an efficient and effective communications system, how is a modern business supposed to keep itself from slowly slipping into oblivion? But at the same time, the economic climate has made shopping for the best value and lowest prices a commonplace business activity.

Communications are fundamental to every aspect of business, from advertising to customer service to strategic planning; to get a hold of vendors and stay in touch with clients both present and potential, the ability to get your words into other people's ears is critical. A quality communications platform is an absolutely vital part of the rise and dominance of businesses of every size-from the one man office to the major corporation. But quality isn't necessarily synonymous with new, as many modern businesses are discovering.

Used telephone systems represent the peak of the bell curve between cost-effective and simply effective. Despite the ever-increasing popularity of email, the rise of text messaging and instant messaging, and the futurism of telepresence conferencing, the only thing that can ever replace the intimacy and intensity of the phone call is being there. But that said, telephones are already about as complicated as they are going to become. There are variations that are still growing — smart phones and teleconferencing phones, for example — but by and large, a telephone system that's a decade old won't be markedly outdone by one that was built yesterday; not unless you have a huge organization that will tax even a modern system to it's capacity.

Many salesmen will try to tell you otherwise — they might insist, for example, that anything less than all-digital is strictly inferior, or that IP-based telephony like VoIP is the best of all worlds — but these new telecom products may not necessarily be what your business needs. A used small business phone system, for example, may have far greater features between the handsets and the voicemail than your business is likely to need in the next decade. Furthermore, if you buy used phone systems, you can usually acquire the phone equipment for far less than the brand new systems.

Of course, there is one thing that separates used telephone systems from new ones, even after you take their relative age into account: used telephone systems don't have a manufacturer's warranty anymore. That means that you should only purchase used telephone systems from companies that are willing to offer their own ('extended') warranty that covers the used items. Generally, such a vendor will offer a short (three month) warranty standard and allow you to pay for a longer one (you should.)

TRI-STAR Telecommunications is proud to serve our clients by offering expertly refurbished used telephone systems from a variety of manufacturers. We carry the top brand names in the industry-including Avaya, AT&T and Nortel. We offer these affordable telecom solutions with a variety of warranty options, same day shipping, and access to an international network of certified technicians that can install, maintain and repair your used phone equipment.

Call us today at (800) 211-6200 to find the used telephone system that's right for you!









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