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Public institutions and private companies of all kinds are being plied by silver-tongued salesmen trying to get them to look into purchasing new telephone equipment for their facilities. This is not a new phenomenon; salesmen have always loved to connect you with the "latest and greatest" phone equipment for your home or office.

A solid telecom company like TRI-STAR Telecommunications knows that the most important thing about any telephone equipment is that it is right for the current and future needs of your business. The truth is that not every piece of phone or computer hardware (or software for that matter) is needed to make your organization run smoothly. While shopping for telephone equipment, here are a few common misconceptions you should be aware of:

Common Misconception #1: Everything Is Going Digital
"Just like TVs," they'll tell you. Not necessarily! Digital phone systems tend to be higher priced and are more versatile than their analog counterparts, but the fact is that analog phone lines aren't going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Now, it's certainly true that digital telephone equipment offers a higher standard of quality when it comes to the clarity of the calls, and offers functionality that analog phones do not — but that's doesn't mean that digital is right for everyone. Sometimes, the price is just not worth the advantages.

Common Misconception #2: VoIP Will Save You Money
Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is another of those items that is new and shiny. There are decided advantages to a VoIP system, and they are a great telecom solution for small businesses. However, those advantages may not apply to a larger public institution. VoIP is phenomenal for an organization that is spread out geographically. But for a hospital or a single-site university, the necessity of adding the latest managed switches to your network trunk is far more important to make the hospital or university function smoothly.

Common Misconception #3: New Brands Are Better Brands
Again, it's the shininess phenomenon. Salesmen love to tell you that the latest brand has such and such a feature that will revolutionize the way you do something. But the simple fact is that the best telephone equipment on the market is made by the same company that introduced telephone equipment to the market thirty years ago.

When it comes to getting the best possible telephone equipment for a public or private institution — the rules are simple and finite. Don't get overcomplicated. Get something that will handle your present and future needs. And order something from a reliable telecommunications company with a stellar track record.

At TRI-STAR, we have served many fine institutions like the Small Business Association, Goodwill Industries, and National University. We have also served countless small businesses. We provide industry leading customer support and our representatives are standing by to help your organization acquire the telephone equipment it needs.

In addition to unmatched customer service, we also offer the best prices on the market-up to 50% off the product manufacturer's price and access to an international network of certified technicians that can install, maintain and repair your telephone equipment.

Call us today at (800) 211-6200 and for a custom telecom solution that's right for your organization!









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