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It's amazing to see, in the mere century and a quarter since the telephone was invented, just how advanced radio and telecommunications equipment has become. Before that singular moment in business history, the rate of change across the business industry was, by modern standards extremely slow. Today, in our advanced electronics age, we have moved far beyond phone systems. Now we have broadband networks, video conferencing, email, and messaging from voice to text to instant. Of course, the phones themselves have also changed significantly along the way.

Today, with the everyday citizen provided access to communications equipment of staggering power even by last decade's standards, how does the top-of-the-line big business telecom gear look to the man on the street? Well, it looks arcane and impenetrable, much like comparing a high-end business server to a personal computer — and it is.

The biggest problem facing corporate-level telecom in fact is not power — it's plurality. More specifically, business customers are going through a minor telecommunications revolution, as corporations and even small businesses are unhappy with the fact that email, text messages, phone calls, and faxes are completely separate entities that are not necessarily compatible with each other.

Fortunately, all of that is starting to change as a wave of new technology called Unified Communications, or UC, is sweeping the telecom tech world. Unified Communications is not so much a single unit as it is a way of aggregating various hardware and software solutions in order to create an entity that can easily connect and translate data between media without noticeable delay or loss of meaning.

The UC revolution is even bringing to the office elements of personal Net-based social networking and communication, primarily in offering the ability for individuals to update the UC network about their current location and activities. The upshot is that a customer service rep, having received an email from an irate customer, could search the UC network for an expert and/or authority that is available, rattle off a quick verbal summary, and send it off. The authority can receive that summary in text, scan it, throw back a URL to the necessary information, and move on with whatever else he was doing while the CSR applies the repair or solution.

It's a powerful level of instant access to knowledge and switching ability between words, text, interpersonal communication and publicly available resources that forms the core of one of TRI-STAR Telecommunications' most popular telecom equipment solutions: the Unified Communication System. The UCC could be the telecom solution your office is looking for.

TRI-STAR also carries a full line of new and quality reconditioned telecommunications equipment. We carry all the major national brands including Avaya, Octel, Plantronics, and VMX. We back all of our telecom equipment with industry leading customer service, extended warranties, and savings of up to 50% over the manufacturer's listed price.

When you order from us, we can ship your equipment the same day. We will also provide you access to an international network of certified telecommunications equipment installers and repairers, who will give you the unmatched technical support you need.

Call us today at (800) 211-6200 and find out why we are the industry leader in telecommunications equipment services.









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