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Request a Quote TN799C Avaya TN799C C-LAN Interface The Avaya TN799C C-LAN Interface simplifies the connections between adjunct equipment and Definity. Provides TCP/IP connectivity over Ethernet or PPP (Point to Point Protocol) connections to applications, such as CMS Call Center, Intuity Audix, and DCS Required to support the TN802B or TN2302AP IP Interface operating in MedPro mode for H.323 functionality. Required to support ATM interfaces and WAN PNC on Definity R7 or later. Provides connectionless UDP sockets for IP solutions support, variable length PING and Traceroute. TN799 available with R7r, R7si, and R7csi. TN799B available with R8r, R8si, and R8csi. TN799 supports the traceroute and netstat network testing commands starting in R8. C-LAN acts as the firmware download interface to the UDS1 family of boards (TN464GP, TN2313AP, TN2464BP), the TN 2302AP IP Media Processor board, and the TN771DP maintenance/test board. Avaya TN799C C-LAN Interface