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Request a Quote TN765 Avaya TN765 Processor Interface The Avaya TN765 Processor Interface integrates the tone generator, tone detection, system clock, and synchronization functions onto one circuit pack for use in standard, high, and critical reliability systems. Provides 4 data links to the Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) bus and a link through the memory bus to the processor. Interfaces the 3B2 MSA, DCS, ISDN, and Audix Interface service. Allows direct access to one data link from an EIA port on the circuit pack. Other data links connect to a digital line circuit and a PDM or TDM to access an MSA, DCS, CMS, ISDN, or Audix. Data links can connect to DS1 tie trunks to access DCS or ISDN applications.

Avaya TN765 Processor Interface