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Request a Quote TN568 Avaya TN568 Definity Audix 8 Port Voicemail The Avaya TN568 Audix 8 Port Voicemail supports voice mail using an embedded 386EX processor. Definity Audix systems can be interconnected to create large voice-mail networks that support up to 100,000 subscribers and store up to 100 hours of messages. Each circuit pack has 8-ports available for calls when networking is enabled. Without networking, 12 ports are available. Takes up to two adjacent slots, except in slot 6 of a CMC. Includes a writable magneto-optical disk drive for backing up and upgrading system software and a hard disk for storing messages. Provides an RS-232 connection for a maintenance and administration terminal, an Ethernet port (for the Message Manager PC desktop application), an Amphenol connection to the switch, and an RS-232 port for an external, remote maintenance modem. Avaya TN568 Definity Audix 8 Port Voicemail