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Request a Quote 3307-MUG Avaya 6424D+M Digital Telephone The Definity 6424D+M is designed to take full advantage of Definity G3 Release 6.1 or higher software used in the Definity Enterprise Communication Server(ECS) Definity ProLogix Solutions and Definity One switch configurations as well as the IIP600.

The Definity 6424D+M provides a two-line by 24-character LCD display that shows Called Party/Calling Party ID (where available), date and time, and a call timer to see the length of your call. The Definity 6424 telephone also provides twenty-four programmable call appearance/feature buttons, as well as four navigator keys for Menu, Next, Previous, and Exit.

The Definity 6424D+M telephone comes with a built-in two-way speakerphone and eight personal ring options. The phone also includes a message waiting light, Internal Self Test (to minimize the need for assistance), and Group Listening so others can participate in listening without interrupting the call.

Definity 6424D+M telephone has a Whisper Paging feature, which lets a second call get through while you are on a call, and a Group Paging, which allows all of your message-recipients to hear your message at the same time (like a public announcement).

The Definity 6424D+M provides hold, transfer, conference, speaker, last number dialed, and volume control buttons.
Avaya 6424D+M Digital Telephone