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Request a Quote TN570D Avaya TN570D Expansion Interface The TN570D provides interface between the TDM bus and packet bus, and fiber optic links interconnecting cabinets, and is used in a Port Network (PN) between a PN and another PN in a direct-connect system, and between a PN and an SNI in a switch node carrier in a CSS-connected system. It provides control channel applications and time-slot interchanging between the PPN and EPNs, and is used when ISDN-BRI and/or ASAI is connected in an EPN. It also carries circuit-switched data, packet-switched data, network control, timing control, and DS1 control. The TN570D communicates with the TN775B maintenance circuit pack in an EPN to send the EPN environmental and alarm status to the SPE. It is replaced by the TN2305 or TN2306 when an ATM switch replaces the CSS. It is used in an EPN that is supported by a Survivable Remote Processor (SRP). Avaya TN570D Expansion Interface