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Request a Quote TN2401 Avaya TN2401 NET/PKT Interface The Avaya TN2401 Net/Pkt interface replaces the TN794 in R9si systems. Provides the functionality of the TN777B network control interface (NETCON), the TN778 packet interface (PACCON, and, if BX.25 connectivity is not required, the TN765 Processor interface (PI). Inserts into control carrier slot that was used by NETCON TN777B. Required for this model to save translations to the new 5-volt ATA flash memory card.

Avaya TN2401 NET/PKT Interface

Request a Quote TN2404 Avaya TN2404 Processor The Avaya TN2404 Processor replaces the TN790B in R9si systems. Increased DRAM memory and flash memory for 16 to 32 Mb. Designed to handle errors with the EM-BUS and must be used with the C-LAN (TN799) and Net/Pkt (TN2401) in R9si systems.
Avaya TN2404 Processor