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Request a Quote 700383938 Avaya 9650 IP Telephone The Avaya 9650 IP telephone is designed for someone who primarily speaks on the phone for the majority of each day. Common tasks include answering incoming calls, transferring callers to other extensions, and monitoring several bridged appearances throughout the day. The Avaya 9650 IP telephone delivers advanced communications capabilities, high definition audio, an integrated WML application interface, and comprehensive one-touch access. This is the ideal solution for receptionists, executive assistants, and contact center agents.

The Avaya 9650 IP telephone supports higher quality wideband audio in both the handset as well as the speakerphone, which provides crystal clear audio with the elimination of background noise. The backlit display and intuitive interface simplifies access to Avaya Communication Manager features. Some features simultaneously manage multiple calls while selectively muting and dropping conference call participants. The 9650 supports built-in button module functionality (eight physical buttons with shift capability for a total of sixteen feature keys) to provide simple one-touch access to bridged appearances, speed dials, and feature keys. And, with its dual-position flip-stand, the 9650 makes a smart-looking addition to any desk. Through its integrated web browser and application interface, the 9650 supports productivity enhancing phone applications such as LDAP corporate directories and integration with Microsoft Outlook calendars.
Avaya 9650 IP Telephone

Request a Quote 700383417 Avaya SBM24 24 Button Expansion Module The SBM24 Button Module provides 24 additional programmable buttons for lines and features. It is compatible with the 9630, 9640 and 9650 Avaya IP Phones. For the Avaya Communication Manager release 4.0 or higher, and for Aura release 3.1 and below, each phone supports one module and up to three modules per system. For the Avaya Aura Communications Systems with software higher than 3.1, each phone supports up to three modules. Avaya SBM24 24 Button Expansion Module

Request a Quote 700461213 Avaya 9650-C IP Telephone The Avaya 9650C has a features button expansion module function­ality built right into the phone. The 9650C’s user interface has been enhanced to empha­size one-touch access to appearances and feature keys. It is compatible with Avaya IP Office Avaya Communications Manager and Avaya Aura Business Telephone Systems and with Avaya IP Office R6. The 9650C features 3.8” QVGA Color Backlit LCD, 24 Call appearance buttons, 3 Line buttons with LED, 8 Programmable Feature Softkeys with Shift Button for total of 16 Buttons, 4 Context Sensitive Softkeys, 4-Way Navigation Button, Intuitive User Interface allows caller to perform tasks such as setting up a conference call or transferring calls, Integrated Web Browser, Full Duplex Speakerphone Capabilities, Forward to Mobile Phone Option, Up to 2 Message Waiting Lights, Fixed Buttons for Speakerphone, Volume Control, Menu, Voicemail, Contacts, Mute, and Call Log History, Call Log History up to 100 Numbers including Missed Calls, Volume control in handset, speakerphone, and ringer, Supports Speech Based Dialling through Embedded Speech Recognition Engine, Simply say the contact’s name and the phone will dial the number, Supports Corporate Directories, Supports integration with Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Option to Dial Contacts stored on phone or on a USB Stick, Save up to 250 Contacts on Phone o Store user’s contact information for home, work, office, cell, etc, Elimination of background noise, Built in Headset Jack and Headset Button, POE Support, Optional AC Power Adapter (1151D1),
Range of Color Faceplates (Optional)- Blue, Red, Silver, White, Yellow, Built in 2 port 10/100 Ethernet Switch, Optional Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, Optional use of up to 3 of the 24 Button Add on Module, USB Interface Port for Personal Contact Storage, Bluetooth Headset Adapter, Optional Wall Mount Kit, Dual position Desk Stand, Hearing Aid Compatible Handset, Multi-lingual Support 17 Languages: English, Canadian French, Parisian French, Latin American Spanish, Castilian Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana), Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian Cyrillic, and Hebrew and Speech Based Dialing: US and UK English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese .
Avaya 9650-C  IP Telephone