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Request a Quote 700383920 Avaya 9640 IP Telephone The 9640 IP telephone features a 3.8 inch (9.65 cm) diagonal high resolution color backlit display. The 9640 supports up to twenty-four call appearance/feature buttons, with six concurrent line appearances visible at any time. The 9640 has several LED buttons throughout the front of the phone. Six LED line appearance buttons on the side of the display provide explicit status of different line appearances and administered features, while LEDs built into several buttons on the phone (such as mute, message, and headset) provide an intuitive and simple experience for the everyday end user.

The user interface on the 9640 is helpful and intuitive. The 9640 has a dedicated call forward/mobility button, which provides direct access to Communication Manager Mobility features. Some of these features, such as “Extension to Cellular” and “Extend Current Call”, are critical to the essential user.

Available via free firmware download, the 9640 and 9640G support SIP telephony features along with additional SIP enhancements, including display of telephone "presence" of other users from the phone contact list, integration with MS Outlook calendar appointments, and changeable display skins. SIP on the 9640/40G includes enhanced security including support for SRTP and TLS.

The 9640 supports a 24-button expansion module. This provides the essential user with additional call appearances, bridged appearances and administered feature keys including speed dials.
Avaya 9640 IP Telephone

Request a Quote 700383417 Avaya SBM24 24 Button Expansion Module The SBM24 Button Module provides 24 additional programmable buttons for lines and features. It is compatible with the 9630, 9640 and 9650 Avaya IP Phones. For the Avaya Communication Manager release 4.0 or higher, and for Aura release 3.1 and below, each phone supports one module and up to three modules per system. For the Avaya Aura Communications Systems with software higher than 3.1, each phone supports up to three modules. Avaya SBM24 24 Button Expansion Module