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Request a Quote 700426711 Avaya 9620 IP Telephone The 9620 IP telephone features a 3.45 inch (9 cm) diagonal monochrome backlit display, which has been enhanced with higher resolution (1/4 VGA) versus other available monochrome telephones from Avaya. The 9620 supports up to twelve call appearance/feature keys, with three concurrent line appearances visible at any time.

The 9620 features several LED lights and buttons. LED lights on the side of the display provide explicit status of different line appearances, while LEDs built into several buttons on the phone (such as mute, message, and headset) provide an intuitive and simple experience for the everyday end user.

The user interface on the 9620 is helpful and intuitive. The 9620 also supports SIP telephony features along with additional SIP enhancements, including display of telephone ""presence"" of other users from the phone contact list, integration with MS Outlook calendar appointments, and changeable display skins.
Avaya 9620 IP Telephone

Request a Quote 700461197 Avaya 9620-L IP Telephone The Avaya 9620L offers robust features like status lights and buttons, and improved audio quality. A Power over Ethernet Class 1 model has very low power consumption.

Avaya one-X Deskphone is a family of next generation IP telephones that delivers a new and unique communications experience to drive increased productivity.

The Avaya one-X Deskphone family features an intuitive user interface which helps to make users proficient and confident in performing common telephone tasks such as setting up a conference call or completing a transfer. With brilliant audio quality, it’s much easier to hear and understand other people which speeds business while reducing fatigue and stress. Avaya one X Deskphone models now support voice commands for speech based dialing, and allow workers to dial personal contacts stored on the phone or a USB memory stick. The Avaya 9600 Series deskphones are built with future growth and enhancement in mind, with many modular add-ons that can be added as they are needed – protecting investments and leading to improved total cost of ownership. The new telephones also feature a very stylish and professional design including support for customized display screen saver images and custom faceplates with company logos.

Key Features include:
• Backlit display – 3.45” diagonal QVGA quality gray-scale pixel based with adjustable display angle
• 9620C supports a ¼ VGA color display
• Full duplex speaker phone
• Ergonomic wideband hearing aid compatible handset supporting TTD acoustic coupler
• Two message waiting indicators
• Flip-stand/dual position
• Wall mount kit available
• Four way navigation cluster button
• Four contextual softkey buttons
• Volume button (separate volume levels in the handset, speaker, and ringer)
Avaya 9620-L  IP Telephone