Octel Voicemail System

An Octel Voicemail System Could Be Right for Your Small Business

Any small business owner can tell you: leaving a call to the office unattended is economic suicide — that's why most small businesses can benefit profoundly from an Octel voicemail system. Every call has the potential to become a first-class disaster if you leave a caller hanging. Octel voicemail systems from TRI-STAR Telecommunications can solve such problems without requiring someone to constantly look after the telephone.

Voice messaging was invented way back in 1982 by Bob Cohn and Peter Olson, and Octel was the first company that brought the concept of voice messages to the corporate world. Voicemail, as opposed to a traditional individual answering machine, handles all incoming calls and takes messages in individual 'mail boxes'. Because a voicemail system can manage multiple incoming calls and multiple users accessing their mailboxes at the same time, it is much more powerful than individual answering machines on each telephone handset. Because a voicemail system keeps all of those messages in a central location on a central piece of hardware, it is much easier to maintain than individual machines. And finally, because you can play, record, forward, reply to, and store messages in long-term storage, it's much more flexible and has far greater features and options than individual machines.

If you find that your workers have a difficult time answering the phone — or, more commonly, that answering the phone disrupts their workflow and leads to decreased productivity — Octel voicemail systems have the answer. Their high quality voicemail products offer an automated answering attendant (operator), call forwarding, call holding, call waiting, voicemail, remote voicemail pickup, speed dialing, faxing, speakerphone support, and of course lots of extensions—each with an individual mailbox number. Octel's voice mail systems are sophisticated and robust while managing to be easy to use at the same time.

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect your small business to enjoy using an Octel Voicemail System:

  • Build an image of your business as responsible, prompt, and reliable.
  • Leave automated messages that sound perfectly natural if the person the Octel system called isn't available — or have the system automatically redirect the call to a waiting representative if they pick up!
  • Program the system to call and leave messages at any time day or night, even if there aren't actually any employees at work at the time.
  • Increase your business efficiency by making it easy for your workers to communicate with one another and with your clients.
  • Reduce the cost of doing business by eliminating costly communications errors and automating many of your basic communications tasks.

When you order the Octel voicemail system from TRI-STAR Telecommunications, you will not only receive the product at the best possible price— up to 50% off the manufacturer's list price, you will also get unmatched customer service, an extended warranty, and access to an international network of certified technicians that can install your unit and provide outstanding technical support on all aspects of your new voicemail system.

Call (800) 211-6200 to order Octel's highly affordable small business voicemail system from TRI-STAR Telecommunications, and never miss a call again!









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