Octel 012-2037-000

Octel 350 Power Supply — 012-2037-000

The Octel 350 power supply with part number 012-2037-000 is "hot pluggable" and operates at 5v DC.

The 012-2037-000 +5-Vdc power supplies are located at the front of each server cabinet, to the left of the logic bay. A pair of 012-2037-000 +5-Vdc power supplies provide power to the logic cards. A pair of +12-Vdc power supplies provides power to the fans and to the drive modules. Both the 5 Vdc and 12 Vdc power supplies are fully redundant. If one of the power supplies fails, the other power supply provides the full +5Vdc or +12Vdc needed to operate the cabinet. This is a convenience feature designed into the system to keep your Octel 350 running should one of the 012-2037-000 power supplies fail during normal operation. If the that happens, the Octel 350 sends out a code to let you know that a power supply has failed and the inline backup has gone live. In this way your system will not go down. However, it is important to replace the failed 012-2037-000 power supply so you will be guaranteed system operation should the backup power supply also fail.

TRI-STAR Telecommunications are Octel 350 experts and can assist with the installation or operation of your Octel power supplies. For service on your 012-2037-000 power supply — or any other component within your Octel 350 system, please call 1-800-211-6200.












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