Avaya Voicemail Pro

The Avaya Voicemail Pro from TRI-STAR Telecommunications is a powerful midrange business voice mail system that can be tailored to meet the needs of any small to medium business — with a simultaneous voicemail that allows scaling to up to 30 calls at the same time if needed.

The Avaya Voicemail Pro provides for both individual and group-level message handling. It also provides assistance to the operator during periods of high call volume through the use of a powerful voice and data processing system and an easy to use graphical user interface appropriately called the Avaya Voicemail Pro Manager.

Through the Manager, voicemail messages can be put through to a recipient's email box and treated identically to any other email message. The Avaya Voicemail Pro's text to speech software provides users with access to email messages through the telephone, which can be accessed remotely from any external phone.

A single PC-based Avaya Voicemail Pro server can provide it's complete functionality to multiple Avaya IP Office systems over a local area network, a wide area network, or a frame relay network. This 'Centralized Voicemail' capability drives down costs while making communication between the Avaya IP Office systems even easier.

The Avaya Voicemail Pro Manager applications do much more than just guide each caller to the voicemail box of the user or group or extension they are looking for. It also allows automatic dialing by the Avaya Voicemail Pro system to a user at their desk, home landline, or cell phone whenever a message is left for them using Follow Me technology. A user only needs to dial up the system and put in a PIN in order to change their Follow Me status or their Forwarding number from any telephone.

Whisper Announce is another highly valued feature of the Avaya Voicemail Pro — each caller is asked for some information, usually their name, which is then passed on to the extension being dialed, giving the recipient an opportunity to decline the call (sending it to voicemail.) The result is that a human brain gets to decide based on what it's currently engaged in whether or not a call is worth the interruption; a much more effective filter than any amount of electronics.

Assisted Transfer, another feature of the Avaya Voicemail Pro, allows a user to forward a call to another extension with the caveat that if the other extension is listed busy, or simply doesn't answer, the call is either returned to the original user or is taken to the Voicemail Pro's auto attendant. This cuts down on unnecessary frustration on the caller's part as well as reducing unnecessary call time for busy workers.

The mailbox operation of the Avaya Voicemail Pro, offered by TRI-STAR Telecommunications, will give any small or medium-sized business a professional corporate telephone 'face' while improving work flow and, ultimately, driving down communications costs.

When you purchase your Avaya product from TRI-STAR, you receive our industry leading customer support, the lowest prices-up to 50% off of the product manufacturer's price, and access to an international network of certified technicians that can install, maintain and repair your Avaya Voicemail Pro system.

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